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Voxx Granit Socks - Light Gray

Voxx Granit Socks - Light Gray
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Unisex socks by Voxx are ideal for work, leisure, and sports. They will provide your feet with maximum comfort and protection during extreme load. Socks are extra padded and polypropylene fibers remove humidity from the surface of the body. Cotton maintains perfect heat insulation. Comfortable socks have non-straining rim and elastic bandage to prevent movement in the shoe and very finely sawn tip. Comfortable breathable material, 45% merino wool, 50% polypropylene, 5% elastane. Class D (from -10°C to -35°C). General information about the product: grey socks, Voxx socks, unisex socks, skiing socks, socks for snowboarding, socks for SNB, thermo socks.


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